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Registration Number: R7220

Name or Title: Model - SBB Be 4/6 Class Electric Locomotive

Classification: CH classification TRANSPORT Railways Model Locomotive

Brief Description: A Gauge 1 electric locomotive model painted green. The model is an SBB (Swiss Federal Railway) Be 4/6 Class which were built between 1920 and 1923 with 40 units being built. This model is 12329. Numbers 12329 - 12342 were altered from the original design and its pantographs were placed on the outside of the locomotive, while all the other units had previously had their pantographs placed closer to the centre of the locomotive. In the 1930s these units were altered back to the original pantograph arrangement. This model highlights how these later numbers were originally built. The model is housed in a wooden box.

Collection: T- House Model Railway Collection/Rail

Production Place: Tokyo/Honshu/Japan

Production Date: 1988

Materials: Metal

Measurement : H220 x W512 x D90mm (locomotive)
H292 x W676 x D157mm (wooden box)

Signature/Marks: 12329

History and Use: The T-House model rail collection is a collection of national and international significance due to the size, quality and scope of the collection.

The collection, assembled over 30 years from the 1970s to the 1990s, holds 10 000+ models of locomotives, carriages and wagons. The collection is in excellent – often mint – condition. The models were collected by Mr Marsden Williams, who was born, raised and spent his life in the Wollongong area. Mr Williams was a business man who was renowned for philanthropy, he was an intensely private man, who nevertheless was well connected across the Australian business world. His 40 year fascination for model railways reflected his own interest in precision engineering, and his financial success allowed him to pursue his interest to a remarkable extent.

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