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Registration Number: H14807

Name or Title: Landau

Classification: CH classification TRANSPORT Horse landau

Brief Description: 4 wheeled carriage, canoe shaped body, C springs, semi-eliptical rear springs. Elliptical front springs, all longtitudinal. Dark blue and black, 2 lamps fitted. (Pole cut). Royal arms on door.

Collection: Social History

Production Date: 1857-1877

History and Use: Landaus were the most exclusive of carriages and generally used for royalty or leaders of government. The hood could be raised to keep out the weather, or lowered on fine days.

Frank Robertson purchased this landau from Ealing Film Studios in 1948. The carriage had been brought to Australia from England and used in the filming of the movie "The Eureka Stockade." Mr. Robertson purchased the Landau for 75 pounds, and sold it to Bill Bolton in the 1960's for the same amount.
Frank Robertson was an organiser, with Bill Bolton, of the 1959 "Centenary of Transport." He was also an official of the Queensland Royal National Association. The landau was often used for the official opening of the show, notably with Princess Alexandra and Sir Henry Abel Smith in 1959. (Bolton Collection.)

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