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Registration Number: H14944.1

Name or Title: Fire Engine

Classification: CH classification ESSENTIAL SERVICES Firefighting fire engine
CH classification TRANSPORT Motor Vehicles truck

Brief Description: Fire engine, consisting of a standard Model-T Ford built as light truck with fire engine body. The vehicle is painted bright red and features two kerosene lamps attached to front in addition to the two large electric lights on either side of the engine chassis. There is a brass bell positioned above dash board along with hose fittings, a fire extinguisher and a ladder positioned above the vehicle. The water pump is driven by the truck engine. The engine is a four cylinder petrol engine of 22 h.p. (17 kW) with an engine capacity of 2.9 litres and featuring a side valve. The vehicle features a planetary transmission with two forward and two reverse gears which are pedal operated. The hand brake is linked to the rear wheels. The ladder mounting and bell appear to have been changed or added later in the engine's life.

Collection: Social History

Production Place: Canada

Production Date: 1922

Materials: Metal, brass, wood, rubber

Measurement : L4700 x W1680 x H2250mm

Signature/Marks: FORD
Gum F Dipped \ EX-SIZE \ 30 X 3 1/2 \ FIRESTONE

History and Use: This Model-T Ford fire engine was bought by the Boonah Fire Brigade in 1923-24 for £365 and was used to fight fires in the area until 1966.

Fighting fire successfully means getting to the fire quickly with a lot of water. Until the early 20th century horses were the fastest means of getting to a fire, but there was still the problem of how to put it out. Buckets and leather hoses were used first, but it was not until the development of the steam pump in 1829 that water was pumped mechanically.

Modern motorised fire engines like this one were first used in the early 20th century. They could travel fast to the fire and carry fire crews and water. Although fire engines usually had two motors, one to power the vehicle and one to power the pump, this vehicle’s motor was also used to power the water pump to dowse the fire.

Uploaded to the Web 27 May 2011.

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