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Registration Number: H20890

Name or Title: Narrow Gauge Steam Locomotive - Perry Engineering

Classification: CH classification TRANSPORT Railways steam locomotive
CH classification RURAL INDUSTRY Agriculture Harvesting
CH classification MACHINERY Engines Steam

Brief Description: Narrow Gauge Steam Locomotive, cab and water tanks painted yellow with red trim, tank mounted on each side. Original brass makers plates missing.

Collection: Social History

Production Place: South Australia/Australia

Production Date: Jul 1947

Materials: Steel (Metals - Ferrous)
Indeterminate (Glass)

Measurement : L7100 x W3150 x H2080 mm

Signature/Marks: FLASH
Queensland Inspection of Machinery No. 3/1034 Certified Pressure 1. 240 Mpa Date 8-2-78. A.V. Goodridge Chief Inspector

History and Use: This 2 ft gauge steam tank locomotive was used in the Queensland sugar industry.
It was built in 1948 by Perry Engineering in South Australia for the Proserpine Mill and sold to Fairymead Mill in Bundaberg in 1964. Whilst at Fairymead Mill it was numbered 21. Fairymead made some alterations to the locomotive, enclosing the rear of the cab and fitting front and rear windows similar in style to the Clyde diesels owned by the mill. They also fitted sprung buffers and drawgear the same as those on the Clyde diesels.
No.21 was sold again in 1970, this time to The Millaquin Sugar Co. for use at the nearby Qunaba mill. (The name Qunaba is interesting in that it derived from the first two letters of each of the three words Queensland National Bank which company purchased the mill in 1899. It was originally named Mon Repos.) At Qunaba it was numbered 3 and named "Flash". In 1978 the locomotive was fitted with a new boiler and higher capacity water tanks. "Flash" worked the 1978 & 1979 cane cutting seasons, but developed leaks around the firebox door, & was withdrawn from use by the end of the 1979 season.
The locomotive was donated to Queensland Museum in 1981.

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