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Registration Number: H24089

Name or Title: Hat (Girls)

Classification: CH classification COSTUME Headwear woman

Brief Description: Red felt hat, bonnet style, with red grosgrain ribbon chin tie (both ends sewn to hat lining), embroidered flowers at top in coloured thread, gathered ribbon across front under flowers, sewn loosely with red cotton thread, and a grosgrain ribbon bow at back. A coloured paper label reading 'DAINTY MAID', with a coloured picture of a girl in a bonnet in the garden, is attached with coloured thread to the lining of the hat.

Collection: Clothing and Textiles

Materials: Felt (Textiles)
Indeterminate Textile (Textiles) Ribbon
Indeterminate (Paper)
Cotton (Textiles)

Measurement : H130 x W220 (with brim)

Signature/Marks: DAINTY MAID
(symbol)/= \ 19/6 \ 10/6 \ 5573 / 192

History and Use: This girl’s bonnet came from a clothing and millinery store called 'Jeanette Salon' in Warwick. Milliners and tailors were important tradespeople in country Queensland, providing access to the latest styles and materials for rural and remote communities. Women would often travel great distances for a fitting, particularly if there was an upcoming occasion such as a wedding or christening.

Queensland Museum has an extensive collection of hats and bonnets which speak of a time when hats were an essential part of everyone’s wardrobe.

Uploaded to the Web 27 May 2011.

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