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Registration Number: H42340

Name or Title: Baby's Bonnet

Classification: CH classification COSTUME Headwear infant
CH classification HANDCRAFTS Lace tatted lace

Brief Description: White tatted baby's bonnet with long ribbon attached at either side, gathered to form a decorative flower.

Collection: Social History
Clothing and Textiles

Production Place: Queensland/Australia

Production Date: 1985-1989

Materials: Cotton (Textiles)

Measurement : Dia.85 mm

History and Use: This baby’s bonnet was made by Brisbane-born Elsie May Hicks. It is a form of tatting - a lace-making technique dating to the early 19th century where the lace is formed by a pattern of chains and rings double stitched over a core thread. Gaps, called picots, give this lace its form and decorative effect.

Elsie May Whear learnt needlework from her mother, including tatting, but taught herself to crochet. At 12years old, she left school to work in millinery and then for Jenyns corsetry manufacturers, Brisbane. In 1918 she married William Hicks and they had two children. Elsie began exhibiting pen paintings in the 1930s and used the name Mrs W. (William) Hicks, even after her husband died (in 1968). During the 1970s and 1980s she exhibited soft toys and crochet – mostly at the Pine Rivers Show. Queensland Museum has a collection of Elsie Hicks’ work which contributes to a broader collection of prize-winning lacework and embroidery from around the state.

Uploaded to the Web 27 May 2011.

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