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Registration Number: QE12725

Name or Title: Dance Headdress - Dhari

Classification: CH classification

Brief Description: Head dress - Dhari, feathers and plant fibre, cowrie shell and glitter, DHARI. Frame painted green, yellow and red.

Collection: Oceanic Anthropology

Production Place: Australia

Production Date: 2001

Materials: Wood, plant fibre, feathers, string, shell

Measurement : H630 x W570mm

State/Province: Queensland

Country: Australia

History and Use: This Dhari was made by a member of the Torres Strait Islander community living in Brisbane. Large pockets of Torres Strait Islander communities can be found along the Queensland coast.

The Dhari is the distinctive traditional dance and ceremonial headdress of the Torres Strait. It is the central motif on the region's flag and symbolises the identity and unity of all Torres Strait Islanders.

Dhari is the Meriam Mir word for 'headdress' and is used in the eastern islands. In the central and western islands where Kala Lagaw Ya is spoken, the headdress is called Dhoeri. Customarily worn and made by males, dhari designs vary from island to island.

Dharis/Dhoeris were traditionally made from Frigate Bird and Torres Strait Pigeon feathers but are now made from a wide and often creative range of materials including heavy cardboard, plywood, chicken feathers and cane.

When wearing dharis at night for performances, the dancers shake their heads to vibrate the spokes, causing a brilliant shimmering effect, described as being like the glint of a pearl shell dropped in water.

Uploaded to the Web 27 May 2011.

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