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Registration Number: QE14592

Name or Title: Boomerang.

Brief Description: Boomerang, wooden with 'From Cowan Cowan Moreton Island from Ken' handwritten in black pen at back.

Collection: Aboriginal Studies

Production Place: South East/Queensland/Australia

Production Date: 19th Century

Materials: Wood

Measurement : L550 x W70 mm

State/Province: Queensland

Country: Australia

Signature/Marks: From Cowan Cowan Moreton Island from Ken

History and Use: The boomerang has played an important role in Australian Aboriginal cultures for hunting and sport. A boomerang is useful for hunting larger animals, fish and birds. As a spinning stick, it covers a greater area than a directly thrown spear. There are many different kinds of boomerang; some are evenly curved, while others have a hook or flat club at one end. This one, from Moreton Island, is in the classic ‘returning’ design.

Uploaded to the Web 27 May 2011.

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