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Registration Number: H8309

Name or Title: "Four in Hand" Carriage

Classification: CH classification TRANSPORT Horse carriage

Brief Description: Carriage, once the general conveyance of Sir Joshua Peter Bell of Jimbour Station, Dalby, Q. (See folder for more details).

This object is on loan from the Royal Historical Society on Queensland.

History and Use: This carriage belonged to Sir Joshua Peter Bell of Jimbour Station near, Dalby, and was widely known as 'the carriage with the yellow wheels'.
It was used on some most historic occassions - the most important, - perhaps, being the election for the Northern Downs seat - as the Dalby electorate was then known - in 1864. On the afternoon of polling day the four-in-hand drove in with Mrs Bell escorted by sixty Jimbour employees riding two abreast - horses and men gaily decorated with ribbons in cerise and white, the Bell colours.
Mr Bell thus began his splendid political career, and the the end of his days represented the same constituency. he occupied nearly every Cabinet portfolio in his time - being Treasurer on several occasions, Minister for Lands, Speaker, President of the Legislative Council, and finally, Acting Governor of Queensland.
In recognition of his services he was granted a knighthood in 1879 - this year coinciding with the completion of his beautiful Jimbour House built at a cost of almost 30 000 pounds.
Carriage may have been imported from the USA by Edds & Co Coachachbuilders of Brisbane. Thay had a similar 'California buggy' on their advertising poster c1870s.
JP Bell is said to have had had a good relationship with the Aboriginal people of the region. His coachman was from the local people and supposedly consider JP Bell a friend.

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