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Registration Number: H8081

Name or Title: Wagonette

Classification: CH classification TRANSPORT Horse wagonette

Brief Description: Four-wheeled horse-drawn vehicle with canopy. Painted green and black. Rectangular piece of green linoleum on floor or rear cabin area. Leather canopy with metal supports, detachable. Outer right lever for braking puts a wood block onto the right rear wheel. Right front has cylindrical holder for the horse whip. 2 bolt nuts hanging front bar with a piece of string. 7 metal legs with screw plates are lying under the front seat.
Height of wagonette includes canopy.

Collection: Social History

Production Date: 1860-1890

Materials: Iron (Metals - Ferrous)
Indeterminate (Woods)
Linoleum [synthetic materials]
Leather (Animal/Human Remains)

Measurement : L5000+ x W1660 x H2440

History and Use: Wagonettes originated in the mid-nineteenth century in Britain. They were stylish and practical carriages used by middle class families for general use such as going on picnics and outings, although wagonettes seating up to 16 passengers were standard public transport in larger towns and cities. It is a vehicle similar to the 4-wheel cabs which were used in Brisbane until the 1920's.

This example was manufactured in the 1870's, and was driven from Sydney to Grandchester (Queensland) by early settlers of that district.

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