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Registration Number: H20920

Name or Title: Dog Cart

Classification: CH classification TRANSPORT Animal dog cart

Brief Description: Dog cart. Horse-drawn vehicle which seats four people back to back. Early dog carts in England were designed for hunting with a space under the seat for the 'gun' dogs. This was dispensed with for later dog carts which were used as general runabout vehicles. This dog cart was used to deliver mail in the valleys to the east of Toowoomba. It has out-rigger connections for extra horses to negotiate steep hills.

Collection: Social History

Materials: WOODS - indeterminate
NON-FERROUS METALS - indeterminate

Measurement : L 3000 x W 1500 mm

History and Use: Dog carts developed in Britain for country hunting trips from the two wheeled passenger gig in the early 1800s. Later versions were popular as a general passenger cart. They were designed to carry additional passengers in a rear facing seat. The original dog carts had a compartment with louvre panels for ventilation under the seats to house hunting dogs. Later models reverted to artificial louvres for decoration only, and were popular as a general passenger cart.. There was also a four-wheel version of the dog cart.

This vehicle was used in the Flagstone Creek area below the Toowoomba Range. It was believed to have been used for mail delivery. The cart has connection points for extra swingle bars and horses outside the shafts to negotiate the hilly country. It was donated by Mr Cyril Horton of Toowoomba in 1992.

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