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Registration Number: H5421

Name or Title: Spring Cart

Classification: CH classification TRANSPORT Horse cart

Brief Description: Dark green painted cart with two spoked wheels. Simple box design with no special seating bar a board bolted to the top of the right and left side. Red and yellow painted detailing. Wheel dia.=1430.

Collection: Social History

Production Date: 1870-1890

Materials: Indeterminate (Metals - Indeterminate)
Iron (Metals - Ferrous)
Indeterminate (Woods)

Measurement : W1650 x H1800

History and Use: This spring cart was owned by Mr M. Smith of Pinkenbah near the end of the Brisbane River.It carried farm produce from Myrtletown to the Brisbane Markets in Roma Street. It was restored and painted by Alex Hamilton of Hamilton Coachworks around 1980 .

Spring carts were found on every farm. Others could be seen congregated around fruit markets and or used in narrow town streets as general delivery vehicles. The more elaborate carts such as this one were commonly used in towns. Specially designed spring carts were used by bakers, butchers, milkmen, fishmongers and grocers to deliver house to house up until the 1950s when motor cars became more common both for deliveries, and for customers to drive to the new supermarkets.

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