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Registration Number: H20905

Name or Title: Spring Cart

Classification: CH classification TRANSPORT Horse cart

Brief Description: Spring Cart. These carts were used for town deliveries, and on farms to transport cream cans to the dairy factory.

Collection: Social History

Materials: WOODS - indeterminate

Measurement : L 4000 x W 2000 mm

History and Use: Spring carts were used for general farm work, but were vital on dairy farms. A relatively quick and smooth ride was needed for cream cans going to the local butter of cheese factory. This cart carried cream in cans to the Springside cheese factory. This vehicle was typical of many spring/dairymen’s carts on Darling Downs and southern Queensland dairy farms 1890-1950. There was no seat on many carts, the driver stood in the cart, or sat on the load of cream cans or wheat sacks. The cart was used on the Tews family dairy and wheat farm at Wangapinni near Pittsworth.
It was donated by the family in 1989, and was restored by the Cobb & Co. Museum.

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