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Registration Number: H20903

Name or Title: Horse Dray

Classification: CH classification TRANSPORT Horse dray

Brief Description: Horse dray, timber, some iron fittings.

Collection: Social History

Materials: WOODS - indeterminate

Measurement : L 3400 x W 2000 mm

History and Use: Drays were used as general purpose farm vehicles. Kev Teys purchased this dray for work on his Kingsthorpe dairy and mixed farm in 1950. He donated it to the Cobb & Co. Museum and helped carry out the extensive restoration work needed to repair the vehicle.
There is a wind-on brake on the near side (footpath side) of the dray which would be operated by a driver walking next to the dray rather than riding in it. It was illegal to ride in a dray which was used for heavy haulage, but many drivers would ride on the near side shaft, and jump back onto the road if a policeman was nearby.

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