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Registration Number: QE26902

Name or Title: Spear

Classification: CH classification INDIGENOUS CULTURES Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander spear

Brief Description: Wood spear painted in banded colourway of red, black and yellow overlaid with dot designs coloured in yellow. The spear has three pronged wooden black painted spear tips featuring two incisions each painted with white dots. The prongs are attached to the spear shaft by painted red twine decorated with a daisy flower dot design. The string hand grip on the shaft is painted with a daisy flower dot design.

Collection: Aboriginal Studies

Production Place: Thornlands/Queensland/Australia

Production Date: 2018

Materials: Wood, Acrylic Paint, String, Adhesive

Measurement : L2000mm x Dia25mm

State/Province: Queensland

Country: Australia

Signature/Marks: A.J.W.

History and Use: This spear is one of a group of objects acquired from Aboriginal/South Sea Islander Artist, Mr Aubrey Jack (John) Wimbus.
Through his artworks, Wimbus pays homage to his childhood and connection to land. He reflects and references his cultural knowledge passed down to him by his grandfather Jack Wimbus, a Bunda man. His collecting knowledge and inclusion of natural materials in his art making processes, including rocks and timbers collected from river areas, draws heavily on passed down cultural knowledge. Created in 2018, this spear reflects the artist’s Aboriginal and South Sea Islander heritage through his use of vibrant colourways and dot patterns.

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