Blood Transfusion Pump

Production date
Circa 1940s
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Object detail

Rotary style direct blood transfusion pump. Metal, circular cylinder with roller and rotating handle. Accompanying the pump is a C- clamp and a silver metal, oval shaped stillette case with 3 stillettes.
CH classification MEDICINE
Production date
Circa 1940s
Rotary Pump: Dia.88 mm
C-Clamp: L94 x W51 x D22 mm
Stillette Case: L147 x W39 x 27mm
Media/Materials description
[numerical characters printed around circumference]
History and use
The Julian Smith direct blood transfusion pump was invented by Dr Smith in Melbourne in the late 1930s. Smith founded St Vincent's Hospital in Melbourne and was known as an inventor and photographer as well as a pioneering surgeon. His blood transfusion innovations were adopted worldwide during the 1940s. The pump is part of Queensland Museum's Red Cross collection.

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