Armolet Disposable Lancet (2)

Production date
Circa 1960s
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Object detail

Two armolet sterile disposable lancets sealed in original paper packaging with red text.
Production date
Circa 1960s
Production place
L63 x W31 mm
<in red ink on packaging> ARMOLET \ STERILE DISPOSABLE LANCET \ Armour Pharmaceutical Company Lts \ Eastbourne - Sussex
History and use
These two Armolet disposable lancets are part of a larger donation to the Queensland Museum from the Red Cross. They are of the type used by the Brisbane Blood Transfusion service ca. 1960s.

The Red Cross commenced operation in Australia in 1914 with the primary aim of sending care parcels to WW1 troops. The service quickly expanded to provide a range of services including medical transport (of patients and equipment) and a tracing and messaging service (for contacting military personnel). Post-war, the emphasis was on relief efforts and medical care for returned servicemen. The Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service was started in 1929 in Melbourne, with Brisbane’s service opening soon after. The Australian Red Cross ‘Blood Bank’ continues to be Australia’s primary service for the collection and supply of blood products.

The QM Red Cross collection objects are dated between 1936 and 1972. They provide material of socio-cultural interest – including personal stories and donor reward badges – as well as scientifically significant medical instruments and products.
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