Red Cross Collar Badge, American Red Cross

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Collar badge, round. White field charged with a red Greek cross, all in a thin gold border. Inscription "American Red Cross" around edge of badge. Badge is a stud badge rather than a pin badge. Badge is stored in original container.
CH classification NUMISMATICS (MEDALS AND OTHER) Badges Civil red cross
Badge: L10 x W10 x H7 mm
Case: L30 x W30 x H20 mm
Media/Materials description
Badge: brass
Case: plastic and cardboard.
AMERICAN \ [Red cross logo] \ RED CROSS
History and use
The International Red Cross maintains a tradition of rewarding blood donors with such things as stickers, certificates, badges, key rings and tie pins. For some people who choose to make regular donations over a long period of time, these rewards become collectible mementos of their years of service. The Queensland Museum’s Red Cross collection includes examples of these keepsakes from Australia and around the world. This collar badge was awarded by the American Red Cross.

Uploaded to the Web 27 May 2011.
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