Flood Party Invitation

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Party invitation comprising of a printed invitation, a green envelope and printed personal message. The invitation is cut out in the shape of a dinosaur with an image of dinosaur carrying a gift printed in green, yellow and orange. The printed personal message describes the host's gratitude and details to the party.
CH classification DOCUMENTS Invitations
CH classification DOCUMENTS Cards invitation
Production date
Invite - 112h x 165w
Envelope - 120h x 185w
Note - 185h x 210w
Media/Materials description
paper, ink, adhesive glue
to: \ you are invited to \ The Roadvale Pub \ On \ Sunday, 6th March \ from 3 pm onwards \ as a "thank you" celebration \ for your assistance during \ "my" flood.
"Thanks to you and your help I was able to move back into my home very quickly after / the flood and it is almost back to 'normal' - although I keep coming across mud in the most unlikely places! / There are so many people to thank, there were so many ways in which people helped. / Some gave me money, one gave me a home, many gave time and labour. Some gave / advice, some fed me, some let me swim in their pool. One person gave me three / doors and let me 'holiday' in her home, one wonderful man hung those same doors / and did lots of repairs. And one person / brought me a bunch of roses 6 weeks after the flood. / My lovely brother and his family worked tirelessly on restoring electricity, washing / windows and floors, tackling the linen cupboard and wardrobe. Several people took / home washing and I even have an IOU for help in the future. / If I had to have a flood, I couldn't have had a better one. Even the insurance / company was kind! / If there's a fly in my ointment it's that the bush turkeys are back too! / So please come and celebrate with us (Janet and I are combining our thank yous) and / meet all the other people who were generous and kind - just like you were. / There'll be finger food and hopefully some entertainment. Stay as long as you want, / we have the beer garden for the afternoon! Oh yes, and there'll be something to make / you smile too! / Please do one more thing for us and come along to celebrate with all the others who touched our lives. / RSVP by 4th March to Norid or Janet.
History and use
This party invitation was made by two flood affected neighbours who lived in Riverview after the clean-up phase of the Queensland floods 2010-2011. After the flood waters receded, a large group of volunteers assisted them in cleaning up their homes and helped them gain normality back in their lives. The two neighbours were sincerely grateful for the help and decided to host a party to say thank you to all those who volunteered and offered assistance. They made up these invites and included a printed personal message which displayed their words of thanks to the many ways in which total strangers helped them gain normality back in their lives. The message also includes further details of the party which was held at The Roadvale Pub near Ipswich on Saturday 6th March 2011.

The series of Queensland cyclones and floods which occurred over the summer of 2010-2011 was one of the most devastating natural disasters in the history of the state. The events which were named in the media as ‘Queensland’s Summer of Disasters’, impacted over 2.5 million people and saw the evacuation of entire towns, power and water being cut off as well as roads, railway lines, buildings, homes and personal property damaged. It also resulted in the tragic death of 35 people and the declaration of 78% of the state as a disaster zone.

After the extreme weather conditions took place and the flood waters receded, thousands of volunteers immediately responded by rallying together to help friends, neighbours and complete strangers clean up their businesses and homes. Many Queenslander’s showed great generosity, courage, strength and community spirit during the clean-up phase of the event with volunteers providing hands-on help, free services, professional advice, donations and much more to help those cyclone and flood affected victims get back on their feet.
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