Letter to F.V. Gallwey from Queensland Railways

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11 Apr 1916
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A letter with Queensland Railways Signal and Light Engineer's Office printed letterhead on the top of it. The letter has been typed (in purple ink) and was written on behalf of the staff of the Signal and Light Engineer's Office expressing to their colleague, Francis Vivian Gallwey, their appreciation for his enlistment in the Expeditionary Force. The letter features the signatures of four men all written in pencil.
H250 x W202mm
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QUEENSLAND RAILWAYS. \ REFER TO \ Signal and Light Engineer's Office. \ Brisbane..... 191
16/1383 M.C. \ APRIL 11th 1916. \ MEMO/ \ We desire on behalf of the Staff of the Signal and \ Light Engineer of the Queensland Railways to express our \ appreciation of you on the occasion of your having temporarily \ left us on account of having joined the Expeditionary Force. \ We ask you to accpet a small token in the form of a \ wristlet watch as a mark of that appreciation, and wish you \ the best of good luck and a safe return. \ Mr. F. V. Gallway, \ ROMA STREET.
History and use
This letter is part of a small collection of documents related to Queensland Railways employee Francis Vivian Gallwey, who enlisted in the 4th Pioneers Battalion in April 1916. Sapper Gallwey travelled to Britain on HMAT Ayrshire. After arriving in Britain in early 1917, he went on to serve in France, being awarded a Military Medal in September 1918.

Vivian Gallwey was one of the many Queensland Railways employees who enlisted in World War I. Queensland Railways often marked this commitment through a gift to the departing employee. This letter from the Signal and Light Engineer's Office acknowledges his departure with such a gift. Vivian Gallwey returned to Queensland Railways after serving in Europe.
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