Photograph - Carriage on high street

A black and white photograph featuring a four wheel carriage with an infant in the front seat and a woman and second adult in the back seat - possibly drawn by a cow. Pedestrians and carriages can be seen in background along with a number of multi-story buildings including the Glouester Hotel.
CH classification PHOTOGRAPHS Military ww1
L70 x H45mm
Media/Materials description
Photographic Paper
History and use
This group of photographs is part of an album donated to the Museum in 2013. The album documents the war experiences of Staff Sergeant-Major Arthur George Bennett. Bennett was an employee of the Ipswich Railway Workshops. He signed up in 1916 at the age of 22, joining the 4th Pioneer Battalion. After joining in Brisbane he travelled to Britain to undertake training prior to being posted on the Western Front where his unit carried out construction, maintenance and repairs of infrastructure.

This album shows elements of the training camp and the recreational activities of Bennett and his fellow soldiers. The album is part of a broader collection that speaks to Bennett's pre-war military experiences, experiences of the war and his post-war life. Bennett was wounded twice in 1917 and invalided home in 1918. He returned to the Ipswich Railway Workshops in 1920 as a railway fitter and continued to work in the railways throughout Queensland until his retirement in 1961.
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