Ticket - Ten Miles of Pennies, Grand Concert

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A red, white and blue (tri colour) railway ticket for a concert held by the Railway Patriotic Fund for the 'Ten Miles of Pennies' war fundraiser.
CH classification DOCUMENTS Tickets railway
CH classification DOCUMENTS Tickets theatre and recreation
W57 x H30mm
Weight less than 1 g.
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Railway Patriotic Fund. \ "TEN MILES OF PENNIES." \ GRAND CONERT \ To be given by Apollo Club, \ EXHIBITION HALL, \ Tuesday, 18th June, 1918, at 8 p.m. \ Admission: 1s. 0d. \ 0000
History and use
This Railway ticket is for attendance at a fund-raising event organised by the Railway Patriotic Fund in Queensland during the First World War.

For railway workers in Queensland who enlisted in the AIF during the war, there was a considerable shortfall between railway pay and pay as an enlisted man. This deficiency was met by the government in New South Wales, but in Queensland, the Railway Patriotic Fund matched the shortfall. Run by the railway community, the fund was started in 1914 and aimed to ensure the well-being of dependents of railway men and to support families of the wounded and battlefield casualties.

The railway community, as for the broader population, were active and imaginative in fundraising undertakings. Social events were particularly popular activities for raising money. These social events ranged from concerts and card nights to boxing matches and picnic excursions. In the best tradition of the railways, the events were priced, ticketed and organised with precision.

The “Ten Miles of Pennies” was a targeted fund-raising drive aimed at making up the shortfall between the current fundraising income and the financial need of returned soldiers and their dependents in 1918. “Ten Miles of Pennies”, raised over 3 months, would equate to an additional £2,200 in the fund, with the money to be raised through the organisation of entertainment events and street collections following Anzac Day.
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