Childs keyring with Queensland Maroons branding

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Object Detail

Metal keyring with soft stick figure attached as a charm. The figure's body, hands and feet are stuffed fabric. The hands and feet are connected to the body by soft white string. The head has a few thick strands of gold and maroon fleece hair
CH classification RECREATIONS Sport Rugby League
CH classification RECREATIONS Sports Spectator
L210mm W35mm
History and use
The State of Origin series attracts an enormous amount of support and attention from Queenslanders far and wide and is an iconic rugby league event. It is an important part of Queensland's annual sporting calendar.
The object is significant because of its association with the 2014 State of Origin series, which contained a significant milestone, the 100th game of the series. The object is representative of commercially available fan items and illustrates the variety of fan merchandise.
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