Production date
Pre 1953
Solomon Islands
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Carved wooden bowl with stylised bonito fish handles. Stained black with nautilus shell inlay
INDIGENOUS CULTURES Melanesian & South Sea Islander bowl wood
Production date
Pre 1953
Production place
L. 300mm, W. 50mm, H. 100mm
Media/Materials description
Wood, shell
1950s \ from Makira Province. \ UGI \Kerepei , Eastern \ district.\ Nursing in a hospital. \ Gift.\ When king died and \ Queen went to London \ [there was a] party on Kirakira on Makira where \ party for Queen 1953
Carved dishes. \ Coconuts on seashore \ and split open to put \ pudding mix in - \ straight in the caves. \ Leave for 6 months. \ Smelly.\ Mix it up with nuts and \ [it was] difficult to eat. \ Wrapped in parcel.\ Special container.\ Belong to small islands \ and bottom of Makira.\ Small [bowl] a model of larger \ ones. \ Larger ones used for \ puddings.
History and use
This object is from the Helen Barrett collection, which was donated to Queensland Museum in 2014. Miss Helen Barrett worked as a nurse with the Australian Board of Mission in Solomon Islands from 1947 until 1984. Barrett was based at Tasia in Isabel Province, and Maravovo on Guadalcanal before being stationed at the Hospital of the Epiphany at Fauabu, Malaita from 1968 until 1984. In the 1990s, Barrett worked with the Mothers Union in the Torres Strait Islands. Her collection largely comprises of objects that were presented as gifts over the course of her missionary work in Melanesia.

The small bowl is a model of the larger ceremonial feast bowls from Makira Province.
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