Model - Deutsche Reichsbahn 96 Class Tank Engine

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West Germany
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A Gauge 1 (1:30) tank locomotive model painted in black and red.
CH classification TRANSPORT Railways Model Locomotive
Production date
Production place
L590 x W110 x H160mm
Media/Materials description
Deutsche Reichsbahn \ 96 016 \ Rbd. Nurnberg. \ Bw \ Pressig \ Rothenkirchen
J.A.MAFFEI \ MUNCHEN \ No5338 - 1922
96 016
History and use
This model is part of the T-House model rail collection which is of national and international significance due to the size, quality and scope of the collection.It features two sets of driving wheels, one fixed with the other able to pivot. The locomotive was built by J.A. Maffei Munchen and given the class number 96. The 96 class were used for heavy freight work. This particular model is 96 020 and is painted in Deutsche Reichsbahn (German Imperial Railway) livery. Bockholt produced the model for Fulgurex in 1976.

The T-House collection, assembled over 30 years from the 1970s to the 1990s, holds 10,000+ models of locomotives, carriages and wagons. The collection is in excellent – often mint – condition.

The collection was donated through the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program by Shin Investments Pty Limited in memory of Mr Marsden “Mick” Williams (1916-2013), founder of the Allied Group of Companies and a significant contributor to the industry and economy of the Illawarra region of Australia since the 1940s.

Mr Williams was born, raised and spent his life in the Wollongong area, and was a business man who was renowned for philanthropy. He was an intensely private man, who was nevertheless well connected across the Australian business world. His 40 year fascination for model railways reflected his own interest in precision engineering, and his financial success allowed him to pursue his interest to a remarkable extent.
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