Cigarette card. Coaches series.

New Zealand
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Cigarette card. The card has a picture of a red, round-bodied coach with four horses, and a driver and passenger outside and more passengers inside. The coach is shown in a country setting. There is text on the reverse side. ('THE TRENTON COACH'') The card was one of a series of 50 on coaching issued by tobacco company WD & HO Wills of Bristol England for its New Zealand subsiduary. This series of cards all dealt with coaches and coaching history including the operations of Cobb & Co. Cigarette cards were intended to be collected, thereby promoting the consumption of the producer's brand of cigarettes.
CH classification DOCUMENTS Cards cigarette card
Production place
L65mm X W35mm
Media/Materials description
Coach picture on front with caption. <THE TRENTON COACH>

Reverse side text. <COACHES AND COACHING DAYS/ A SERIES OF 50/ 32/ The Trenton Coach/ The Trenton coach was a fore-runner of the Concord coach, generally known as a Cobb coach or jack coach in New Zealand and Australia. It came into use in 1818, at first with the driver's seat low down and no roof seats, but in the 'thirties its appearance was similiar to the illustration shown, which is taken from an old wood-cut./W.D. & H.O. WILLS/ Bristol & London>
History and use
Cigarette cards were collectable promtional material items for tobacco companies. The topics on the cards were of general interest such as sports people or events in history. This card is from a series of 50 dealing with coaches and coaching history, including Cobb & Co, intended for the New Zealand market. Cobb & Co operated coaches in New Zealand as well as Australia.
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