Queensland Railway Institute Cricket Club - 'Guzzlers Cup'

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A metal trophy cup with one handle with " Q.R.I.C.C. THE GUZZLERS CUP 1953" engraved onto the front of the cup. There are engravings on the entire cup from 1953 to 1960.
CH classification TRANSPORT Railways
CH classification TROPHIES AND AWARDS Sports trophy
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L106 x W75 x H122mm
Media/Materials description
K. CARTER - 6.12.59 \ A. ROBINSON. 18.5.60 \ D. NELSON. 20.3.60 \ G. LINDEBERG 3.7.60
Q.R.I.C.C. \ THE \ GUZZLERS CUP \ 1953
J.J. GEE. 17.2.57 \ J.T. Tate.30.6.57. \ P.LIVINGSTONE.22.9.57 \ C. TAPSELL. 29.6.58
E. WEGENER. 6.9.53. \ R. HERTRICK. 1.11.53. \ V. DADDOW. 29.11.53. \ R. CROSS. 7.2.54. \ F. SHANAHAN. 28.3.54. \ W. GAYLER. 30.5.54. \ W. JONES. 1.8.54. \ K. BOWDEN. 22.8.54. \ R. HERTRICK. 26.9.54. \ D. DAVIES. 28.11.54. \ E. WEGENER. 13.2.55.
G. LUCAS. 26.6.53. \ P. OWER. 24.7.55. \ D. NELSON. 28.8.55. \ T.McNAMARA. 25.9.55. \ D. DAVIES. 13.11.55. \ D.DAVIES. 4.12.55. \ D. DADDOW. 19.2.56. \ F. SHANAHAN 8.4.56. \ B. SCHAFFERIUS 8.7.56 \ K. BOWDEN 26.8.56 \ R. HUNT 1956
History and use
Members of Australian railway institutes participated in local sporting competitions and representative sides were chosen to compete against other interstate railway institutions. Sports included football, rifle shooting, tennis, table tennis and cricket. New South Wales and Queensland Railway Institutes played against each other in Rugby League tests, while the majority of other states played Australian Rules Football tests. Cricket was the biggest of the sports, with all states participating, including the Commonwealth Railway, in cricket competitions. Teams from New Zealand also participated regularly in the national competitions.

Cricket was a popular sport at the institute and there were a number of cricket clubs across QRI branches throughout the state. This cup was used by the Brisbane based QRI Cricket Club during the 1950s to acknowledge members throughout the seasons. It was likely given to the cricketer with the most runs or wickets at the point in the season. The cup has numerous names engraved on it and it is evident that the Guzzler's Cup was awarded regularly to club members and reused often.
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