Head comb

Production date
Pre 1967
Papua New Guinea
Milne B
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Object detail

Long bamboo head comb with handle carved into curvilinear shape. Incised decorations along far end of handle. Plant fibre wrapped around teeth of comb at join of teeth and handle.
CH classification INDIGENOUS CULTURES Melanesian & South Sea Islander comb
Production date
Pre 1967
L 430 x W 60 mm
History and use
Tribal head combs in Papua New Guinea are generally for decorative purposes to adorn the wearer, but are also worn as a status symbol, as an indicator of rank and achievement within a group. The size of the comb, the materials used and the type of decoration used varies between regions.

This object was part of a larger donation made to the Museum of Tropical Queensland in 2012, on behalf of the estate of Len and Catherine Lawler.
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