Poster - Koala

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A poster featuring the image of a koala sleeping in the fork of a Eucalyptus tree, surrounded by a white border. The image has been created using geometric shapes and a minimalist colour palette. At the bottom of the poster is a QR code and the words /Real climate action now./@amokisland for #BushfireBrandalism/. The poster is part of a collection of 41 high-resolution digitally-printed posters featuring the work of artists protesting about the need for action on climate change during the 2019-2020 Australian bushfire emergency.
CH classification DOCUMENTS Posters
CH classification DOCUMENTS Posters protest
Production place
1800mm x 1200mm (6 sheet)
Media/Materials description
Poster paper
/Real climate action now./
/@amokisland for #BushfireBrandalism/
History and use
This collection of high-resolution digitally printed posters were created for an unsanctioned art campaign under the banner ‘Bushfire Brandalism’ in response to the 2019-2020 Australian bushfire emergency. In February 2020, a collective of 41 Australian artists replaced 78 public advertising posters across Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne with satirical posters highlighting the destructive effects of the fossil fuel industry and the need for government action on climate change.

The 2019-2020 bushfire season had a catastrophic effect on the residents, infrastructure, and unique ecosystems of Queensland, with more than 7 million hectares burnt across the state. This collection of 41 posters documents community reactions to a significant event in Queensland’s history and contributes to a contemporary and ongoing narrative about climate change and activism in Australia.

This poster was created by Amok Island, a multi-disciplinary artist from the Netherlands based in Fremantle, Western Australia. Amok Island explores the natural world and conservation through geometric shapes and a minimalist colour palette, encouraging individuals to consider their relationship with the world around them.
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