Number Plate - PB15 Class Locomotive No.451

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Object Detail

A rectangular shaped brass plate with numbers cast into the front of the plate. The background has been painted red.
CH classification TRANSPORT Railways
CH classification TRANSPORT Railways locomotive number plate
L458 x W179 x H21mm
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History and use
The first PB15 engines were built by Walkers Limited of Maryborough in 1900. Walkers Ltd eventually built 92 while Evans, Anderson, Phelan and Co. at Kangaroo Point in Brisbane built 70. The Toowoomba Foundry built 20 and Kitson & Co of Leeds built 20 and shipped them to Queensland. The Ipswich Railway Workshops built one, in 1924, for the Aramac Shire Council’s Aramac Shire Tramway in Central Western Queensland. It was purchased by Queensland Railways in 1958 from the Council.
The original locomotives delivered between 1900 and 1912 were fitted with Stephenson’s Valve Gear. Walkers Ltd manufactured a further 30 improved PB15 Class locomotives between 1925 and 1926 and these were fitted with Walschaert’s Valve Gear.

The PB15 Class became the most prolific single locomotive class on Queensland Railways with more than 230 entering service. They could be found almost anywhere across the state and were used as branch line engines, for shunting and even hauling mail trains like the Western Mail west of Chinchilla. PB15s were commonly used for Brisbane south-side suburban trains, working out of South Brisbane to travel to places such as Southport, Tweed Heads, Cleveland and Beaudesert.

PB15 No.451 was built by Walkers Limited in 1909 (works number 96) and entered service in January of the same year. It was written off in March 1967.
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