Number Plate - BB18 1/4 Locomotive No.1027

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A rectangular cast brass plate. The border and numerals are raised polished brass with the background painted red. The corners are scalloped with a screw hole at each corner.
TRANSPORT Railways locomotive number plate
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Cast brass, paint
History and use
In the late 1940s Queensland Railways adopted a new design of locomotive based on the existing B18 ¼ engines. The new locomotives also had a 4-6-2 wheel arrangement and 18 ¼ cylinders like the older design, and were given the classification BB18 ¼. Although similar in appearance to the B18 1/4s, the new design featured some improvements including larger tenders, pressed steel sandboxes, lighter SCOA-P cast wheels and a different front end. The BB18 1/4s had more capacity for coal and water and weighed less than the B18 1/4s.

Walkers Limited of Maryborough and the Vulcan Foundry of Newton-le-Willows, Lancashire were awarded contracts to build the design in 1948. BB18 ¼ engines from Vulcan entered service in 1951 while the engines built by Walkers did not begin their service until 1955 due to supply shortages and other challengers experienced by Walkers such as industrial disputes.

BB18 1/4s eventually worked throughout Queensland on mail, goods and passenger services.

BB18 ¼ No. 1027 was built by the Vulcan Foundry (works number 5915) in 1950 and entered service in July 1951. It was written off in October 1969.
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