Builder's Plate - Wagon

Production date
13 Sep 1984
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Object detail

A rectangular shaped iron plate painted black with the cast raised lettering painted silver.
CH classification TRANSPORT Railways Manufacturer's Plate
Production date
13 Sep 1984
H80 x W210 x D5mm
Media/Materials description
Iron (Metals - Ferrous), Paint
MANUFACTURED BY \ SCOTTS OF IPSWICH \ SERIAL No. 2874 [number pressed into the plate] \ DATE 13 9 1984 [number pressed into the plate
History and use
Scotts of Ipswich was founded in 1910 by Alexander McConechy Scott who built a foundry on Wharf St, Ipswich. The firm was sold to Queensland Industries and was later purchased by Hadfields Steelworks, a subsidiary of AE Goodwin in 1959.

Scotts most successful era was during the 1960s when the firm expanded to two sites in Ipswich, the original Wharf St site and a larger site in West Ipswich. One of the firm's specialties was fabricating steel railway wagons. Scotts built CO, KSA, QLX, HSA, HWA and HSA wagons for Queensland Railways during the 1960s and early 1970s. The firm was sold to Vickers Ruwolt in 1973.

After the 1974 floods, Scotts left the Wharf St site and opened a new workshop in Karrabin. The West Ipswich site was closed down in 1986 with production moved to the newer site. During this time the name Scotts was no longer used and the firm was renamed ANI-Ruwolt. The Karrabin site is now owned by Bradken.
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