Advertising Poster -"Pears Soap"

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An advertising poster from Queensland Government Railways Advertising Branch. Brown paper-based poster features a child sitting on a piece of rock dressed in green coat with white collar and cuffs. The child is holding a bowl of soap and a pipe for making soap bubbles. He is watching two of the bubbles soaring above his head towards the inscription "Pears' soap". The poster's background is dark brown. The poster is in good condition apart from few tear spots around the right, upper and bottom edges. There are two holes, one is below the letter "r" in the word "Pears" and another is bellow the letter "s" in the word "soap". The poster also appears to have been soaked in mineral turpentine. The poster is kept together with two identical bottom frames. Each piece features an orange brown ornament around left, bottom and right edge and a yellow sign for Sir John Millais Bubbles.
COMMERCE Advertising
Poster: L860 x W566 mm
Bottom Frame: L875 x W588 mm
Media/Materials description
Pears' soap
<bottom right corner> 18 [crown] 86
<on frame> BUBBLES, \ by Sir John Millais Bt. P.R.A. \ A.J.Cumming, Government Printer Brisbane, Qld.
History and use
Paper posters such as this advertisement for “Pears” soap were regularly seen by railway passengers travelling on suburban lines. Queensland Railways Advertising Branch has been operating under different names for at least 100 years whilst advertising itself has been a part of the railway scene in Queensland since 1865.

This poster was saved from destruction when the Queensland Government Railways Advertising Branch offices located at Roma Street Station were demolished to make way for the new Transit Centre.

“Pears” soap is a well known product in Australia and has been used in many households for generations. Made in Britain throughout the nineteenth century, it was eventually also manufactured in Australia. The advertising strategy of Pears soap was internationally renowned, focusing on attractive original artwork depicting different users of the soap.
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