Air Raid Siren

Object detail

Silver painted World War II Air Raid Siren, with black connecting cord and black wooden basis. The siren was formerly located on the roof of the Ipswich Railway Workshops Powerhouse. Some inactive rust on electrical box cover fasteners.
CH classification MILITARY
L1502 x W437 x H476
Media/Materials description
Ferrous and non-ferrous metals, rubber, wood.
History and use
This air-raid siren was installed on the roof of the Powerhouse at Ipswich Railway Workshops during World War 2. It was installed at a time when it was considered that the Japanese might invade Australia or at least conduct air raids on strategic facilities such as the railway workshops. This air-raid siren also serviced parts of North Ipswich. Its installation was one of a number of actions taken to protect the Workshops and its employees during the Second World War, together with the provision of slit trenches and plans for removal of rolling stock in the event of an air raid.
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