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Gold bullion smelting mould, rusted, with small faux ingot. The accompanying ladle has a wooden handle and a long slightly bent neck. The ladle has a flat bottom and pouring spout. It is worn and rusted.
MINING Smelting
Smelting Mould: L178 x W43 x H32 mm
Faux Ingot: L88 x W19 x H17 mm
Ladle: L450 x W65 x H34 mm
Media/Materials description
Iron, lead, wood
History and use
Gold mining was a historically significant activity in Queensland. These objects represent both the mining of gold in general terms and demonstrate the physical activities of small scale gold operations.
An integral part of the process of gold mining in particular is the smelting of gold extracted from ore. After the ore has been processed, and the gold extracted and cleared of impurities, the gold solution is ladled into a mould to form gold ingots.

Uploaded to the Web 27 May 2011.
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