Bottle, Islamic, perfume

Production date
7 CE-12 CE
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Object detail

Small bottle, of very fine semi-transparent, complete. A flat inverted base, flaring to a slightly bulbous base, rising to a short cylindrical neck, which tapes to a slightly flared lip, folded outwards. The neck tapers slightly inwards and then our again towards the base. The profile of the bottle is irregular.Minor iridescence and frosting, some small areas of damage to rim. There is no pontil mark. The surface is covered with darker brown accretions.
CH classification PACKAGES AND CONTAINERS Bottle perfume bottle
CH classification ARCHAEOLOGY
Production date
7 CE-12 CE
Production place
L38mm x W20mm x D20mm
Media/Materials description
History and use
A persons’ personality and identity can be communicated through perfumes. Perfumes and scented oils were used to heighten attractiveness, and communicate the wealth, status and nature of the person. Available in solid or liquid forms, they were used in all aspects of daily life, including sports events, banquets, medicines, rituals, offerings to the gods and the deceased. Perfume containers are as varied as the scents they contained.
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