Pendant, Bronze, Ibex (RECORD ONLY DO NOT USE) See H27684


Object detail

Pendant: bronze Ibex. Set of three pendants in the form of an animal, possibly an Ibex or Moufflon. Each animal is of slightly varying size. The animals are characterised by swept back horns, erect tail, straight front legs and slightly bent back legs, which rise from a base. Each animal has one suspension loop through the body. The two smaller animals each have four holes in their base, the larger has six holes in its base (possibly for affixing to another object). Possibly cast, in copper alloy or bronze.
H40mm x W10mm x D23mm
Media/Materials description
Copper alloy or bronze
History and use
Large quantities of bronze artefacts were available on the antiquities market after ca 1930. This set of three objects have been attributed to the mountainous region in Luristan, in Western Iran. This may be part of a decoration for an animal. Similar cast bronze artefacts, more closely resembling horses, have been identified as cheekpieces, parts of bridles for horses. The holes allow loops to be affixed through which reins would pass.
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