Fragment, Pottery, Spout

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The piece is a spout fragment, possibly from a lamp, the paste is greyish the surface pinkish grey with a considerable scattering of black inclusions. The texture is fine with a jagged fracture. The spout curves out from the top drooping slightly. The mouth is slightly bell shaped and has a pronounced rim. A double groove encircles the spout at the base of the bell curve. The spout is perfectly rounded and the interior narrows considerably towards the base. There are pronounced shoulders marked with vertical grooves. Below the shoulders the body is encircled with a rouletted band. The interior aperture of the spout is tall and narrow and appears to have been pushed through from the outside (through the spout?) by an implement.
CH classification ARCHAEOLOGY
45 x 25 x 15 x 35
Media/Materials description
History and use
This object is a fragment from an oil lamp. The need to extend daylight hours has always been with us. Before the advent of electricity, allowing a space to be illuminated with the simple flick of a switch, light was achieved by the use of a candle or a lamp. Artificial lighting via candles and lamps was widespread through the ancient world. Lamps were utilised in private and public buildings, in temples and sanctuaries, in street lighting and in ceremonies.
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