Bronze Lamp

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Ornate handmade hanging lamp made from thin strips of bronze sheeting bent and moulded to create four highly convoluted facades for a light bulb. Each side has a different design: eagle, lion, circle and hearts. Etched glass lines internal structure of lamp. Ornate work extending downward and upward from main frame. Chain joins lamp to wall fitting madefrom equally ornate bronze work. Bronze rooster sits atop fitting. Electric wire has been cut.
CH classification LIGHTING Electric lamp
CH classification METALCRAFT Bronze
Production place
Lamp: L105 x W105 x H400 mm
Wall Fitting: L250 x W125 X H350 mm
Media/Materials description
Bronze (Metals - Non-Ferrous), Brass (Metals - Non-Ferrous), Handmade Glass (Glass)
History and use
Made by Stanislaw Paczoski while he and his wife Anna lived in a Displaced Persons Camp in Germany after WWII, this lamp is an example of human creativity and ingenuity in the most difficult of circumstances. It also gives insight into the lives of those that emigrated and chose to settle in Queensland, bringing with them a variety of skills and experiences.

Stanislaw and his wife Anna were refugees from Poland who spent five years in the camp near the Dutch border before emigrating to Australia. Stanislaw was very talented with his hands and made the lamp to escape boredom. He found the bronze sheeting in the forest around the camp and made the lamp with simple, non-specialised tools such as scissors. The animal motifs on the lamps were inspired by German church decoration

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