Object detail

Story Cloth- Large rectangular cloth, embroidered in flat stitch with scenes representing Hmong history, especially recent wars in Laos and subsequent escape to Thailand.
HANDCRAFTS Needlework embroidery
Production place
2750mm (W) x 1947 mm (H) with 70mm rod pocket along top edge
Media/Materials description
Cotton (Textiles)
History and use
As Hmong fled to Thai refugee camps during the civil war, pictorial story cloths depicting traditional village life, war, escape, refuge and resettlement were a revolutionary new way to capture their experiences of displacement, tragedy and cultural transformation.
Poyi Thao began this story cloth in Ban Vinai refugee camp in 1986. Born in 1944, she escaped from Laos to Thailand in 1980. After seven years spent in Ban Vinai camp, she migrated first to Hobart and, in 1995, to Innisfail, North Queensland. Due to the disruption of resettlement and adapting to a new country, culture and language, Poyi Thao was not able to complete the cloth until 2000.
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