Object detail

Frame drum. Barrel-shaped wooden frame with membrane nailed over each end using large metal cone-headed tacks. The frame is painted a reddish-brown and the membranes are painted with dragon and phoenix motifs. Two metal loops are attached to the frame, one above the motif and one beneath. Each loop has a metal ring attached, one ring has a loop of string through it. The stick or sticks are missing.
CH classification MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Percussion drum
Production place
H100 x Dia.270mm
Media/Materials description
Indeterminate (Woods)
Skin (Animal/Human Remains)
Indeterminate (Metals - Ferrous)
Vegetable Fibre (Cordage)
Paint (Surface Treatments)
[Chinese characters]
History and use
This Chinese Xiaogu [xiao=small; gu=drum] was reportedly used as an instrument in the opera. The drum was bought in India before it was acquired by the donor.

The drum is part of the Charles & Kati Marson Musical Instrument Collection held at Queensland Museum. The collection holds over 830 traditional musical instruments from around the world, with particular emphasis on African, Asian and Pacific cultures.

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