Film Cement

Bottle of Tricoid film cement
CH classification PHOTOGRAPHY Processing Equipment film cement
History and use
Film cement is a form of adhesive designed to join motion picture film. It is made of a film base dissolved in a solvent, such as acetone. It is applied to either end of a film strip, which is then placed in a film splicer, which joined the two halves. Film splicers and film cement allowed for the removal and re-ordering of takes.

Motion pictures, or movies as they are commonly known, are not filmed in the exact order that they are scripted, because it is easier to film scenes according to location. Additionally, there are always mistakes made during filming. These are called outtakes. Before the age of digital motion picture cameras, editors would sort through all of the reels of film, selecting the best takes and then producing a master reel of joined footage by cutting up the film and rejoining it in the appropriate order. This object tells the history of the manual film editing process in an age of increasing digital film production.
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