Object Detail

Travelling medicine chest, rectangular, wooden medicine box internally fitted with compartments for small medicine bottles. Lid is hinged with two brass hinges. Chest contains eight original glass medicine jars. Chect contains an inner tray, which is removable to reveal larger storage compartment. Chest is lined with a light brown felt (torn and stained) inside, and a coarsely woven textile on the outside base of the box which is torn and peeling off. Box is opened with a small brass button catch.
CH classification MEDICINE Medicine medicine box
L280mm x W190mm x H117mm
Media/Materials description
Wood, brass, felt, glass
History and use
Wooden medicine boxes and chests like this one were popularly used from at least the beginning of the 19th century and into the early 20th century. They contained an assortment of medicines, pharmaceuticals and home remedies and were a vital part of daily life. Medicine chests were found in homes, on ships and were also portable, taken along when travelling.

This travelling medicine box was donated by the Marks family. Dr Edward Oswald Marks was a well known ophthalmologist (eye specialist) in Queensland from 1920 until 1957. He was also well known for his expertise and interest in geology and the natural environment and made many field trips with the Queensland Naturalists Club.

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