Object Detail

Music Box Automation, wall hanging box with paper figures of a dog band, driven by clockwork of small music box. Idiophone with a set of plucked idioglot lamellae activated by a mechanically-driven cylinder cast with a complex series of protruding steel pins. Housed in a wallhung and case.
CH classification MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Automatic music box
L350 x W100 x H265 mm
Media/Materials description
Wood, paper, metal, glass
<Stamped inside case> 7638 Muster Geschutet Patent
History and use
Music or musical boxes are a nineteenth century innovation originating in Switzerland. Functioning through the use of clockwork they were originally produced by watchmakers.

This wall mounted music box dates from around 1900 and features the distinctive motif of a band of dogs playing classical instruments. Object such as these help illustrate and represent the lives of both children and adults of the period.

This object was donated by the Marks family. The Marks family was a prominent Brisbane family that made significant contributions to the fields of science and medicine.

Uploaded to the Web 27 May 2011.
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