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4 wheeled, longtitudinal carriage, elliptical springs front and rear. 2 double seats facing from front and back to centre. Black, red lining. "Sir George Ferguson Bowen"
CH classification TRANSPORT Horse phaeton
History and use
The pony phaeton became a fashionable family vehicle in Australia in the 19th century. 'Phaetons' were high-class vehicles for wealthy people which were driven by the owner rather than a coachman. The square lines of this vehicle are somewhat disguised by the use of curved mudguards instead of the traditional straight form usually found on pony phaetons. It is believed that this vehicle dates from the 1860s and was used by Sir George Ferguson Bowen, the first Governor of Queensland.
This four-wheeled passenger vehicle exhibits a vis-a-vis seating arrangement. The driver sits on the rear spindle-back seat and a rein holder is attached to the back of the front seat. (Bolton Collection)
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