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4 wheeled buggy, as used by early squatters. Red seat, black body with red lining, yellow wheels with red lining. "Sir George Ferguson Bowen"
TRANSPORT Horse buggy
L2,743 x W1,463
History and use
The toledo buggy has 'Timkin' side-bar undercarriage, and may have come from a coach factory in Toledo in the the United States. Timkins were makers of buggies and buggy components, and in the 1890s developed roller bearing hubs for carriages. The style of bearing is still used in wheeled road and rail vehicles.The seats in the buggy can be arranged in a number of ways, or the rear seat can be folded away completely to allow for extra luggage or goods on the tray back. Buggies with removable rear seats were popular with farming families because of their vesatility. (Bolton Collection)
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