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4 wheeled, unsprung heavy box wagon. Body unpainted, traces of red on under carriage. 2 pairs of shafts side by side. Used by Henry Gwynne of Allora to cart flour to Toowoomba (1879-1897). Subsequently used on the Gwynne farm.
CH classification TRANSPORT Horse wagon
History and use
Henry Gwynne of Allora used this wagon to transport flour from Allora to Toowoomba between 1879 and 1897. The 120 km round trip took a week to complete. When the branch railway line off the main Warwick line reached Allora, flour, like all other heavy goods was transported by railway. The wagon was subsequently used as a general farm vehicle. This vehicle was generally harnessed to a 10 horse team with the first pair in the shafts. (Bolton Collection)
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