Cloth Insignia, Australian Comforts Fund

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Red six pointed star with white lettering. 90mm between opp. points.
CH classification COSTUME Uniforms Military unisex
Length 95mm
Width 82 mm
Media/Materials description
History and use
This Australian Comforts Fund insignia was used to identify a member of the ACF during fund-raising and other activities during World War 1. The outbreak of the War resulted in the formation of a multitude of patriotic organisations keen to help the War effort and particularly Australians serving overseas. Some were affiliated with State run funds such as the Queensland Patriotic Fund, while others operated independently. The Australian Comforts Fund was established in August 1916 to co-ordinate the activities of the state based patriotic funds. Mainly run by women, they provided and distributed free comforts such as food and clothing, including a spectacular number of hand knitted socks.

The ACF also set up clubs and hostels where soldiers on leave could find provisions, meals and accommodation and entertainment. It ceased operation on 10 April 1920 and was reconstituted in World War II.
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