Pineapple Peeler - Prototype

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Flat plastic pineapple shape, yellow-painted handle on back. Nail spike at one end as pivot point. 1st blade fixed (to remove core). 2 blade adjustable (with outer guide) to trim pineapple skin.
DOMESTIC EQUIPMENT Food Preparation peeler
Production date
L155 x W55 x H72 mm
Media/Materials description
Plastics (Synthetic Materials), Iron (Metals - Ferrous)
History and use
Ray Ashdown of Brisbane invented this pineapple peeler in 1971. He took it to the "Inventors" programme on ABC television in 1972. It brought an enthusiastic response. The invention adjusts to any size of pineapple, peeling and coring one slice at a time. This early prototype was the third model of the peeler – made of yellow plastic with nails and blades inserted. Earlier specimens had been made of steel. The peeler was patented and manufactured and has been sold all over the world.

Uploaded to the Web 27 May 2011.
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