Flag - German Colonial New Guinea

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Cotton or linen flag in poor condition. The field is divided horizontally into three - black (top) white and red (bottom.) On a white roundel in the centre of the field is a black eagle with wings displayed, with red tongue, beak and talons. The egale is overlaid with a small white shield charged with a similar black eagle, which is in turn overlaid with an even smaller shield parted quarterly white and black. Above the major charge is a gold crown with two tassles.
CH classification FLAGS National german
L1066 x W635 mm
Media/Materials description
History and use
Introduced in 1892, this Reichsdienstflagge im Bereiche des Auswärtigen Amtes (i.e. Foreign Office State Flag) was souvenired from a German vessel in New Guinea in 1914, possibly the Governor’s sloop KGS Komet or the armed yacht Nusa, both of which were captured by Australian Expeditionary Forces in 1914.
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